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Easy, affordable Pet Insurance starts here.

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Pet Parents Rejoice!

We offer up to 3 levels of coverage to protect your special family member. Choose from basic coverage for accidents, upgrade to include illness coverage or go all out and protect your pet with our comprehensive wellness coverage.

Regardless of your choice, investing in Pet Insurance is a smart financial move and your cherished family member will be forever grateful that you showed your love!

Explore your options and get your coverage started today.

Important Considerations

Different breeds of cats and dogs are predisposed to certain medical conditions. We know you love your pet, but sometimes basic Accident Coverage is the best choice – consider this basic coverage level for mixed breeds and rescues. Do mixed breeds have a health advantage over purebreds – Learn more by clicking here.

Of course, you can also protect Fluffy or Rover from illness. For pure breeds that encounter eye, respiratory problems, hip dysplasia or other common maladies it might be smart to purchase our most popular Accident & Illness Package. What are the most common illnesses – Learn more by clicking here.

Looking for the highest payout we offer? Check out our plan that offers the most reimbursement for both Accident and Illness. For older dogs and cats this might be the best plan as it protects at the highest levels in the industry. Pet health care cost overview – Learn more by clicking here.

You must confirm that your pet is currently in good health.